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Scientists Find A DNA Change That Accounts For White Skin (

  By Rick Weiss Washington Post Staff Writer Friday, December 16, 2005 Scientists said yesterday that they have discovered a tiny genetic mutation that largely explains the first appearance of white skin in humans tens of thousands of years ago, a finding that helps solve one of biology’s most enduring mysteries and illuminates one of humanity’s greatest sources of strife. ...

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Scientists Discover Evolutionary Advantage For Homosexuality (

  It’s an evolutionary paradox that’s frustratingly difficult for biologists to explain, but researchers may have just found a benefit conferred by homosexual sex that could offer an explanation as to why this behavior has persevered, at least in one species. According to a new study in fruit flies, not only does same-sex sexual behavior seem to be heritable, but ...

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For the first time, scientists create a lab-grown limb (CNET)

A team of researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital has grown a rat limb in a lab — paving the way forward for bioengineered human transplants. Mind-controlled robotic limbs for amputees are growing more sophisticated all the time — but a challenger has appeared. Human limb transplant surgery using the patient’s own biological material could one day be an actuality. The ...

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